About us: Temart - Magnetic blockades for windows

The TEMART Company exists since the year 1996 and is located in Zielona Gora, Poland. The design works have been carried out, since a few years, on an innovative project "magnetic blockades for windows and balcony door".

After laborious but successfully ended tests, three blockades have been developed. The first one can be used to keep the window in any opened position, the second one, to keep the window in a tilted position and the third one, which is stronger, for keeping the balcony door opened in any position.

The designers have been led by the following objectives: easy setting up of windows in any arbitrary positions, simplicity of installation, product's durability and reasonable price. The blockades production is located in Poland to maintain the high quality of them. It is Polish product.

Blokada magnetyczna skrzydła okna
Figure 1. Magnetic blockade for window sash

Blokada magnetyczna uchyłu okna
Figure 2. Magnetic blockade for the tilt of window

Demonstrative videos

The above video shows installation and operation of the magnetic blockade used when window is opened.

The above video shows installation and operation of the magnetic blockade used when window is tilted.

Magnetic blockade of window sash

The blockade can be installed in the PVC windows. It is a versatile blockade and can be used as:
* magnetic blockade for opening of window,
* magnetic blockade for tilting of window

The magnetic blockade is a perfect and safe solution for controlling window's tilt. Thanks to the power of magnetic field, equipped with the blockade window keeps its position despite of drafts caused by winds.

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TEMART - Magnetic blockades for windows - Zielona Góra - Manufacturer: Zamkowa str. 7, mobile: 601-69-38-64.

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+48 502 231 131 e-mail:z.rychlinski@sedina.co

Dystrybutor: Adam Wobalis
+48 601-693-864 e-mail:temart@op.pl

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